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What Are Sugar Babies and What Do They Make?

What are sugar babies and what do they make? This is a question many young ladies ask as they struggle through college or other monetary issues. When student loans and other support start getting too little for their bills. They try out a few money-making methods in vain, and finally turn to sugar baby life.

This post is going to look at what a sugar baby is, what they make, and how to decide if sugar dating is the right choice for you. Check below for our list of recommended sugar websites.

Becoming a sugar baby gets you hooked up with moneyed partners. Such sponsors aren’t serious about-long lasting connections. Basically, they are paying you to date them. So don’t go into sugar baby life thinking that it’s going to lead to a long term relationship.

It might seem like a strange way to make money, but keep in mind that being a sugar baby isn’t the same as being a prostitute. Clients aren’t paying for sex. They are paying for company. It will help you pay off your debts, and you’ll even probably get a lot of high end gifts and get to visit expensive clubs and other places that you wouldn’t otherwise afford.

Common Experiences With Sugar Baby Life

Most sugar babies start in their 20s. The odd thing is that most of the clients (the “sugar daddies”) searching on sugar baby websites are middle aged, usually 45 or older. You might feel nervous about hanging out with much older men, but these are the guys who are wealthy enough to afford such an arrangement. They’ll offer you more than you can imagine.

Women who have hooked up with a lot of sugar daddies report that most of them paid as high as $500 allowance per date. They get the chance to dine and stay in five star hotels that they couldn’t have afforded on their own. Some of the clients even bought their sugar babies expensive clothing and shoes, and even directly paid their bills.

A Strain On Your Schedule 

You could easily clear $3000 per month or more as a sugar baby, and soon see your bills fade away. However, due to travel and engagements from the sugar daddies, you are going to find less and less time for life. If you are in school, you may struggle to keep your priorities straight.

Tips For Being a Sugar Baby

Here are a few tips that will make your life as a sugar baby a lot easier.

Plan before you start 

Plan well and get your purpose right before you get on a hook up site. There are a lot of guys and fancy stuff you’re going to get, this can easily get you off the rail. Ensure you got a plan on how your life shall run.

Have your schedule and preferences, for instance, there are times when you shall need to work on your issues, be sure to leave this time for yourself and turn down offers that take all of your time.

Be aware of scams & maintain anonymity 

You have to keep away your real-life and put on a sugar baby’s life. Avoid sharing or letting a sugar daddy know about your private life such as the place you live and so. There are opportunists out there who are not actually sugar daddies but are out to exploit or harm you. Be extra cautious.


Sugar babies are not sex workers, actually, some guys gave me allowances for just staying around. Get what you want right, start then proceed slowly. You’re going to get what you need at the end.